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tv   SJSU Update News  KICU  November 4, 2012 1:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> live on campus. there's more action going on oul stadium than inside on game day. i'll tell you why in a live report. >> last minute campaigning is here for proposition 30. will the youth vote the difference? >> the giants are world champs
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in san francisco, but what effect it will have on the as? >> your source for what's happening with a fresh perspective on today's issues. you're watching update news. >> hello and welcome to update news. >> thank you for joining us. san jose state's football team a winning season this year. the fans are coming to the stadium but not necessarily to watch the football game. lexi? >> that's right, tyler. you'd think a winning season mes rushing in to spartans stadium. as i've learned, that's not the case. football is not the only reason fans come to spartan stadium on saturdays. students like katie dunn go for the tailgate. >> i don't know, i feel like everyone is having a better time at the tailgate. when not a lot
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of people go it's not as much fun. >> that's exactly what spartan football is lacking, the support. sophomore john wearing a beer helmet says even if he does go in, he won't stay for the full game. >> oh, absolutely. every time at halftime i get wao tired and i have to pass out and go to sleep. >> some students say they're more interested in drinking hard alcohol, beer, and listening to music than cheering on their spartans. >> the more people that drink, the more of a possibility someone may use bad judgment, may get hurt or injured or suffer some kind of alcohol poisoning. >> university police are allow today stop the drinking and music 30 minutes before game time. fans are allowed to be out in the tailgate before game but they cannot be drinking any alcohol. police try to encourage people to go through the gates and in to the game. for many students the tailgate is good enough. >> i think it gets boring sometimes. there's not really that fun atmosphere like there
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is out here. >> inside the stadium there's more empty seats. the athletic department says only about 7,000 fans are coming in to the stadium, a stadium that can hold 30,000 people. some fans say the policy that prevents the selling of alcohol is what keeps them from staying at the game. >> it absolutely pisses me off. to be honest i want to keep drinking. >> but university police say it's the binge drinking that can lead to problems inside and outside the stadium. >> election day is four days away. the pressure is on lawmakers and ballot advocates to get their messages to voters. but will voters, particularly young voters, turn out? pedro garcia has the story. >> siren organized a rally outside san jose city hall, urging voters to vote yes on prop 30. >> we don't want to see any
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further cuts to education. we want to reinvest in california and our state and reclaim the american dream. >> they're pushing hard to sway voters in its direction. >> california board of education says prop 30 provides no guarantee of new money for new schools. no on prop 30. we'll never know where the moneo es. >> but what role will young people play in this election? there are nearly 50 million young people in the u.s. between 18 and 29. kevin moore says voting at any age is important. >> voting is very important for everybody because we supposedly live in a democracy but if people don't vote then there's no democracy. >> 61% of young americans are registered to vote. caroline says voting simply slipped her mind. >> mainly because i didn't have the time and i was just, yeah, busy. it wasn't in my mind at all. >> what were you busy with?
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>> school. most busy with school. >> young people feel their voices won't make a difference. cheyenne says it isn't the case for her. >> if everybody had that opinion then nobody would show up to difference and it definitely would make a difference. >> the estimate for next week is that only 48% of young americans will vote. reporting from san jose, pedro garcia, update news. >> joining us now is thrill science professor dr. percival. >> thanks for having me here. >> do you think young people have an impact on the outcome of proposition 30? >> absolutely it will. this is going to be a very close contest. proposition 30, if you look how it was polled over the last several months, it's always been close. right now i think there was about 50% saying they were going to support it with 8%
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or 9% undecided still. this is where the young vote can really matter. young people often say that government doesn't pay attention to their interests, to the things they care about, and this is one of those issues probably can't get a clear connection between young voters and what policy is going to do. this is one of those cases where it can really matter. what we're seeing is that if you look at some of the public opinion polls on this, there's widespread support, 65%, 70%, some polls higher among college ed students who support proposition 30. you have less support among older citizens. this is depending on the turnout and how many young people turn out to vote for this. how they vote could very well lead to the outcome of this proposition. >> if you go by the polls, why is it that young voters aren't
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coming out to vote as much as they did four years ago for president obama? >> president obama is a national election. 2008 was a very different kind of election. this was the very beginning of the financial crisis that has gripped the country for the last four years. it brought millions of people unemployed. barack obama kind of came in on a wave of excitement and a lot of people were behind, maybe people who weren't even democrats or independents or leaning republicans got around the excitement that surrounded his candidacy. then he started to make decisions. there's often long drawn out struggle. essential trench warfare between the special interest groups and congress. i think a big part of
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it is we have now seen four years of what's happened under the administration and he's had a lot of policy successes if you look at his record but there's also been a lot of conflict and i think for young people who are expecting the nature of politics to really change, that the character of washington would change dramatically, which it hasn't, i think that's part of it. the newness of his candidacy has worn off. that doesn't mean though that a lot of the policies he's promoting or what washington deals with doesn't still impact young people because it absolutely does. things like student loans, access to the state of the macroeconomic environment, the likelihood that college students when they get their degree have employers looking to hire, these are all influences by politics in washington. >> doctor, thank you very much for joining us today. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> the giants are world series
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champions for the second time in three years. we're honored by more than 1 million fans in a parade in san francisco. many of the fans traveled from the south bay. what does the giants' success mean for the oakland as' dreams? >> most of the bay area rejoiced on wednesday as the san francisco giants celebrated their latest world series win with their loyal fans. >> i think this is amazing. this is the greatest thing evere prove that the west coast and bay area has a championship caliber team and to show everyone else that we're the best. >> some wonder if this gives the giants more clout against the oakland as. the giants have made it clear. they don't like the idea of the as building and new ballpark here in the outskirts of downtown san jose. but mercury sports writer says the giants' success won't impact the as' plans of moving.
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he says the reasons are much more calculated. >> i don't believe that's true. i don't think any real fan would believe that's true. and it's really about -- this whole dispute is about business. >> he says the silicon valley is an untapped golden mine of potential sponsorship. he says the giants don't want the as to tap in to that gold mine or steal some of their fans. >> apparently the giants want people to believe that if the as move to san jose that all of the sudden all the giants fans here in san jose would suddenly become zombies and automatically become as fans. i don't think that happens. >> san jose councilman sam macardo says the giants winning the world series won't hurt oakland's chances but improve them. >> if anything i'd think the victory of the giants in the world series gives them ample reason to believe the giants don't necessarily need any additional help in maintaining a
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fan base or in being a successful franchise. they're doing just fine. >> he says the issue is so difficult and complicated that it most likely won't be solved until well after his retirement. >> the national hockey league canceled all games in november due to the lockout. not having a season is hurting the downtown san jose businesses. one small business is finding it more difficult than ever to keep rolling. >> at this time of the year is usually the busiest in san jose. but so far this fall the company has had fewer petty cabs hit the downtown streets due to the nhl lockout. manager steven barkley says the hockey season is typically the best time of the year for his employees. >> for some of the riders, upwards of 80% of their income is from the sharks game and other riders, as low as 20%. either way it's still a good chunk whether you're a part-time
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rider or full-time rider. >> barkley is forced to spend most of his times tending to the bicycle cabs that do make their way. they're looking to stay busy however they can during what is usually a very profitable time of the year. jeffrey kendrick has worked with eco city for the past month and he hopes the end is near for the lockout. >> when the league is started, the revenue is great. the fans are great. there's a lot of fan support and the tips are great. >> tara wood taylor who has spent five years with the company worries the lost business will force her to lose much more than a couple extra dollars. >> if the sharks were not in the lockout i would not have to be worried right now about if i can fly back to wisconsin for christmas but it looks like i will not be flying back to
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wisconsin for christmas to see my family that i have not seen in years. >> the nhl has decided to cancel the new year's day winter classic because an agreement between the association and owners have not been reached, putting more businesses out of revenue they've grown accustomed to. we'll show you a professor who's set to go overseas. >> a celebration on campus to celebrate the lives of the departed. we ask students how an extra hour of sleep will affect them. >> i'm keen to vote, especially on the props because i don't want my tuition to go up. >> i already voted because it's exo vote because we can make a difference. >> i'm not a citizen yet but i
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personally support obama. >> i already have voted, absentee voter. anything that will allow me to do more experiments without limitations. >> i already have voted and i feel like it's our right and our duty to vote and that we all should vote. >> rock the vote, an associated students, is held in the auditorium yesterday in an effort to encourage students to vote. interactive activities and information tables were set up throughout the entrance. each one had volunteers answering questions about different ballot measures. assembly men and other guest were on hand to speak to students. the goal of the event was to inform students about issues on next week's ballot.
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you can vote this tuesday at the polls if you're registered as an absentee voter. it is too late to mail in ballots. they must be physically brought to a polling place. hurricane sandy has caused a lot of introduction on the east coast and the bay area is pitching in to help the relief effort. the american red cross is taking cash and blood donations. this week alone they have made a lot of progress. red cross will be holding blood drives on november 5th from 7:30 a.m. go to the american red cross website for more information. san jose city hall is moving to clean up homeless encampment locations throughout the city. although many homeless people are not happy with the plan, the city officials say it's a necessary
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step. >> across the street from san jose's happy hollow park and zoo you'll see a place where many people lay their heads to rest. one resident who calls himself tattoo man says san jose doesn't offer many opportunities and he's forced to live on the streets. >> if you give me a job opportunity and schooling i'd be able to educate myself and connect myself to better perspective in society with jobs. >> the san jose city held a public meeting on monday to provide and listen to suggestions on how to clean up homeless camps like the one across from hollow park. officials estimate it will take $1 million to do the job by june. many argue encampment locations are affecting city waterways because of the discarded litter. 58-year-old glen meyers who is homeless doesn't understand why the city wants to get rid of the
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encampments. >> why? why? people have to live somewy . >> san jose council member says getting rid of homeless encampments makes sense for public safety and environmental reason. >> they cause environmental issues because most of the large encampments are near the waterways and certainly there's a lot of runoff, a lot of waste that runs off in to the streams, a lot of trash and so on. then you also have the issue of some of the encampments getting close to neighborhoods and schools. >> the city's goal is to develop a strategy to provide outreach to the homeless, offer them housing options, store their belongings and reduce litter. for some homeless people like ray, being homeless is something he enjoys and doesn't look forward to any housing options. >> i wanted to be homeless. i was working making decent moni wasn't happy. so i looked around and said i wt wonder what it's like to be homeless.
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so i put myself in this situation and i think i'm happier now than i was before. >> guadalupe park is where ray makes his home. finding out about a possible closure disappoints him. >> i would not like to be put in a shelter because then i have to deal with the rules and regulations. i like being under the bridge. nobody tells me anything. i do what i want when i want. i feel totally free. >> according to the san jose 2007 homeless instance, the city has 4031 homeless people. they will continue to be the places the homeless call home. pedro is here for arts and entertainment. >> we've got a lot going on, guys. professor will have his work debut in europe next year. matthew spangler wrote the play
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based on the best selling novel kite runner in 2005. it focuses on a man's experience of growing up in afghanistan. he says the hardest part was taking a 400-page novel and turning it in to a 2 and a half hour play. he says it was very rewarding. >> i'm very flattered every time a theater company wants a play and it's thrilling to be there in the audience watching your play happen. >> his play has been moved here in san jose and other major u.s. cities. next year kite runner is going to the united kingdom. he says the author of kite runner said he thoroughly enjoyed the production. there's a new dining spot on campus sizzling with new dishes. street eats is a new mobile dining concept from san jose state that offers street style food dishes. students can pay cash or credit.
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the street eats group hopes the refreshing collection of food will give students more options than they're used to. >> we're out here to give everybody else another option, more variety, a little more fresh and flavorful. >> to find out what they're offering next and where they'll be posted, search street eats on twitter and facebook. the rain couldn't stop one latina sur -- sorority. the sur-- sorority sisters brought in mexican sweetbread and hot chocolate. the day of the dead is a day that honors loved ones who have passed away. >> itour way to bring a little piece of our culture and diversity to the campus. before this we didn't really see many events put on and it's something
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we all celebrate in our culture. we wanted to bring it to campus. >> that's all i got, guys. back to you. >> thank you . >> still ahead on update news, we'll give you a preview of the spartan basketball team and a live report. >> we'll give an in-depth look at san jose state's best quarterback since jeff garcia. first, we ask students how they feel about getting an extra hour of sleep. >> well, this time we'll get more sleep and that's always good because our program is for all nighters. >> because what, it will get darker sooner? so i won't be able to play soccer i guess in the evening or tennis. gets a little bit darker. >> like almost everyone in school hasn't been getting enough sleep.
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so hopefully with the extra hour will help me get more sleep. so, yes. >> i'll probably just sleep a little bit earlier to catch up with sleep and make sure i study before the sun goes down, things like that. i don't think it will be a huge effect. i've adjusted enough to know how to manage my time. >> tim is here to tell us about the world of spartan athletics. >> we got a little bit going on. basketball season is starting, but first we'll start with pig skin. spartan quarterback david showing a lot of promise these past weeks. we'll show you how this transfer quarterback is our very own diamond in the rough. tory green has the report. >> san jose state spartan football team right now has its
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first winning record since 2006. couldn't have been done without the quarterback who feels this season is more about the graduating seniors than for himself. >> more excited about them and their last three years. hopefully we finish the season right. we've put together more wins than they've had in their last three years. >> after his first game as a spartan in september, coach macintyre was impressed with the quarterback who made gutsy plays during the game against stanford. >> i was impress would david. we almost had it. it was a gutsy play. >> even in spartan losses, his numbers continue to impress. in the loss against utah state he still threw for over 400 yards. he right now is ranked in the top 10 of quarterbacks across the ncaa, averaging a 72% completion rating and 300 yards a game. but those numbers he credits to his teammates. >> you try not to pay attention
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but sometimes people will tell me. there are so many people because of that, there's no way. those numbers are just our offense as a whole. >> he's currently standing on top of the whack with no siness of slowing down. in san jose, i'm tory green, update news. >> it's early november and that means college basketball is getting ready to tip off. teams were allowed to begin official practice in mid october and schools across the nation are getting ready for the start of the new season. >> the spartans are entering their final season of the whack conference and they have many fans excited about how they look this year. coming off a 9-22 season and a 1-13 record in conference, the spartans are looking forward to putting last season behind them. the spartans return a couple of key
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players including last season's leading scorer, kinney, who led them with 15.8 points per game. and the spartans also have a lot more length coming in this season as they brought in 6'11" alex brown, 6'9" chris cunningham. they have a lot of length to add to the team this year. >> we have length now. we have better depth. we're at. and we need to take advantage of those traits. >> the spartans have many key games coming up, including a game at santa clara and a game versus kansas on the 14th of november. >> how impressive were they in their exhibition last night? >> they really showed off their men. they made a lot of fast breaks because of the defense he
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played. also chris cunningham was a very reliable post option. they'd throw it to him. he was the scoring all over the academy yards post men. they had nothing to do to stop him. they had great shooting. they knocked down a bunch of 3s. dj brown led the team very well as the starting point guard. you could tell the team trusted him. he could get by his defender almost at will it looked like. james kinney was injured and had 7 points and didn't play very much but you saw glimpses of the shots he was taking and making, the type of shots you need from your best player when it comes down to it. they were an impressive all around effort. they won 88-54. wasn't even close. the new freshman from canada, he moved to san jose. he showed off what he could do. he had a nice tip-in. he got fouled on one very impressive drive where he spun off his defender and didn't make it but it was very impressive to see
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the freshman come out with intensity. >> what are marquee match-ups fans can look forward to this year? >> it might not be the most winnable, it's november 14th at the kansas jayhawks. that will be on espn-u. they lost thomas robin is and some other players to the nba but they still return a slew of good players including elijah johnson and maclimore. it's going to be a tough match-up for us. it shows san jose state where they're at in terms of how they're going to be this year. if they can compete at a high level against kansas then they believe they can defend one of the tougher teams, utah state, another big game they have on february 8th, the biggest home game for us this year. they have one of the best players in preston miller. they're a really good all-around
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team. another game to watch would be our cross-town rival, santa clara. they're mostly a basketball school. it's a good rivalry we have with them as we play one time here, one time there. they also have a slew of bay area players on their team. we have some players from the bay area. it's a nice rivalry we have going on. >> thank you so much. real quick, do you have a predin for the year? >> i think they finish in the top 5 in the whack and i really think they have a good season this year, much better than last year. >> that's all the sports. >> that will do it for now . thanks for watching update news. >> be sure to check us out on facebook and twitter by searching sjsu news. make it a great weekend. we'll see you next week.
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